Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Resource Wednesday 08/11/10

This Resource Wednesday I'd like to remind you to check out the information posted on the right-hand side of my blog home page.

I have a category there titled "Books I'm Currently Reading" which is exactly that, the books I am currently reading (there is also a link to Amazon with each book cover shown if you wish to find information about how to purchase that book). As I am in the process of reading books, I usually review them as I go and post excerpts from them when I reach a particularly noteworthy part (or at least noteworthy in my opinion). I take my time reading books and processing them, so you may find titles stay in this category for awhile. But when I'm finished I either move it off the page altogether or I move it to the "Books Worth Reading" category.

Which brings me to my next category titled, as mentioned above, "Books Worth Reading". I list a book in that category only if I have read it and gleaned useful information from it.

Finally, there is a category listed there titled "Feed the Starving Teenagers Selections". These are books that I have read with my teenage niece and nephew (or teenage friends) in the process of mentoring them. They have been tried on real, live teenagers and proven themselves to be thought provoking, engaging, and fuel to future conversations with this age group.

I know that the items listed at the side of the blog home page can easily become "background noise" after awhile, so I wanted to take a few minutes today to highlight and explain that section. I hope you'll check it out and find it useful.

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