Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Resource Wednesday 07/28/10

Today I'd like to share with you about a website/ministry called Please Convince Me ( It is the ministry of Jim Wallace (not to be confused with Jim Wallis of the Sojourners organization, different theology). His ministry is focused on apologetics (defending the Christian faith). There is both a website and podcast associated with this ministry that I've found to be very helpful and informative (the podcast information can be found at the website, link provided above).

Jim Wallace has an interesting background and an interesting vocation. He was an atheist until the age of 35 (now a Christian) and for his vocation he is a cold-case homicide detective in Los Angeles, California. He uses both of these experiences in his apologetic work, and it makes for some very interesting and very convincing arguments. I would highly recommend checking out this ministry and its resources.

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