Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Resource Wednesday 06/09/10

This Resource Wednesday I'd like to share with you an idea I've employed in my Bible study time. In the past, I have shared with you the idea of taking a paperback book and getting it spiral bound.

Recently, Greg took on this task for me:

He bought a paperback Bible.

He brought it to a local office supply store.

He had it spiral bound.
I love it!
It works well for studying the Bible. I'm using it for the Proverbs study I'm in right now with the ladies of our church.
I'm also using it as I study the book of Acts right now (love the book of Acts---great gospel sharing instruction all over that book).
In both of these studies I'm using colored pencils for underlining as I read through the book. The spiral bound Bible allows me to flip the cover over and really get to the pages. It allows me to take it anywhere and study anywhere.
It's an idea worth trying, so I thought I'd pass it on this Resource Wednesday.

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