Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Resource Wednesday 06/02/10

This Resource Wednesday is about the book What Do I Know About My God? by Mardi Collier. Last year the ladies of our church read through this book during our monthly women's Bible study. We also kept a notebook to correspond with the book title. In the "What Do I Know About My God?" notebook we wrote out verses that correspond with an attribute of God (example: My God is Righteousness, My God is Judge, My God Forgives, etc.) I have referred to that notebook on this blog many, many times in the course of the last year. I refer to that notebook because I still use it. It has become a valuable resource to me. I continue to refer to it, and I continue to add to it. I highly recommend starting a notebook like this of your own.

For ideas on how to start your own notebook you can check out Mardi Collier's book, What Do I Know About My God?

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