Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Resource Wednesday 04/21/10

This Resource Wednesday I commend to you the book What Do I Know About My God? by Mardi Collier. We read this book and used it to study the Bible in our women's Bible study group at church last year. As you read through the book, the author encourages you to start a notebook of the same title (What Do I Know About My God?). You fill the notebook with headings such as: "My God Answers Prayers", "My God is in Control", "My God is the Creator", "My God is Holy", etc. The goal is to write down verses under the headings as you read through the Bible. This notebook has been a great study tool for me and an encouragement to me. I use it still today, and I'm still adding to it.

I highly recommend reading the book What Do I Know About My God? by Mardi Collier and starting your own notebook today. It is a valuable resource.

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