Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Resource Wednesday 04/14/10

This Resource Wednesday I'd like to highlight the website Fish with Trish ( Trisha Ramos works for Living Waters ministry and actively shares her faith. She is also a great encourager of others (particularly women) to share the gospel as well. On her website, she often posts ideas and tips on how to hand out tracts and witness to others while out in the community. She is currently featuring a giveaway on her website. She is giving away a beautiful handmade purse filled with tracts (she has done a few giveaways of this nature in the past). Participation is simple and the steps are listed on her website. Ladies, I would encourage you to check out Trish's website and to sign up for the purse giveaway. It could be a great starter pack for your personal evangelism ministry. There is also a link to the Fish With Trish website listed under My Favorite Links at the side of this blog.

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