Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Resource Wednesday 04/07/10

This Resource Wednesday, I would like to recommend The Christian Worldview website ( The Christian Worldview is a weekly radio broadcast with host David Wheaton. The show's tag line is "Think Biblically, Live Accordingly". They do a great job providing speakers and topics that help you do just that.

Another feature of this weekly, one-hour broadcast (Saturday mornings, check out the website for details on how to listen to the show) is a bookclub. They suggest a book to read and give you a couple months to do that. Then they have the author on the radio program and discuss the book. I haven't read any of the books yet, but I have heard the discussions, and I really enjoy them. The book they are currently featuring (yet to air on the radio show, so there's still time) is The Disciplined Life by Richard Taylor. When the author is on the show, there is also opportunity to call in and ask him/her questions. It is a unique format for a bookclub, and I find it very interesting.

The Christian Worldview radio program also takes topics of the day in the media and views them through a Biblical lens.

I think it is a great resource and certainly worth checking out.

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