Friday, April 9, 2010

Evangelism Video 04/09/10

This week I'm switching up the order slightly: Evangelism video today (Friday). Intentional evangelism tomorrow (Saturday).

Today I'd like to share with you a video from Paul Latour at The Word Street Journal. Paul and his wife, Kim, engage in street evanagelism at least once a week. I'm very encouraged by their ministry. Paul makes videos of their efforts and posts them on his blog. Today I'll share with you the video depicting their evangelism efforts over Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday (Easter).
Note: Be sure to watch it to the end (the ending is great on this one).

Here's an excerpt from the The Word Street Journal blog that accompanied this post:

"With our confidence in the Holy Spirit, Kim and I set out to the streets of the Byward Market in Ottawa on Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday to bring the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the multitudes out enjoying the warm Easter weather, who might otherwise not have heard or received the most important thing they will ever need to know.

Today's video is just a visual depiction of what we did on Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. It is appropriately set to two musical excerpts from Handel's Messiah - written for Easter, not Christmas.

Its purpose is to be of encouragement to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who may be wondering what the frontlines of street ministry looks like. That, especially in the task of handing out gospel tracts or reading from the Bible aloud in public, it is not as much a frightening experience as it may seem.

Please, prayerfully consider your part in the building of the Kingdom of God. Even if it's a small thing. "Do something." Your time here on earth is the only opportunity you will have to do so. There will be no need of evangelism in Heaven."

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