Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Resource Wednesday 03/10/10

Last month I told you about my friend Katie's blog (you can find the link under Ladies Blogs at the side of my blog page). Well, one of Katie's brothers, Kyle, started his own blog. It is called Ponderings From the Son of Encouragement ( His blog is "dedicated to edifying others" (his words), and I think he's doing a great job. His posts are short, thoughtful, and saturated with Scripture. I would encourage you to have the young men in your life check it out.

The other reason I bring attention to the blogs of Katie and Kyle is to highlight their parents. I have talked with their mom about the blogs, and I know that she is allowing them to do this only if it is used to sharpen and edify others. I admire her (and her husband's) focus and desire to have God glorified in the life of their family. This is also a tangible example of how to glorify God in all that we do while living in a very modern world, so I wanted to share it with you this Resource Wednesday.

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  1. Thanks for encouraging my kids again! I enjoyed hearing about your study with your nieces and nephews. What a great opportunity! I will pray for their salvation and understanding.


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